Sunday, June 9, 2013

SICM Testimonials!

I wanted to share with you what some of the UNT students have to say about their SICM experience.  It's really encouraging to see the impact that trip had on these young people!


For me, SICM opened my eyes to how most discipleship is done through relationships whether that is through campus evangelism and taking an interest in their lives and views, or small groups and one-on-one conversations. I saw how we are to use Christ as an example of how to conduct our relationships and how to love. It is through that love that we enrich other people's lives, challenge them, and help them grow as we learn from them and grow ourselves. Discipleship is about the time we invest in others and how we spend that time.


There are so many things that I learned at SICM, but that would take all day.  Something that really stood out to me was learning why we do so many one-on-one and small group studies.  Learning how much Jesus had real RELATIONSHIPS with his disciples.  They were his friends and he spent meaningful time with them, which is what we should be doing as disciples.


SICM was a very encouraging week for me.  I feel better prepared to talk to people about Jesus and about all of the great things He has done in my life.


SICM taught me that there is no better time than the now to be a disciple.  In college, time is so precious, and I must make the most of every opportunity God has given me.  SICM taught me how to be more intentional with my relationships, and in turn be faithful to Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations regardless of how fruitful our endeavors may be.


When I first came to FOCUS, I was amazed by how much people really wanted to befriend me. Suddenly there were these great people in my life who really discipled me. At SICM, I learned so much about that and how to do it Jesus style. Now I feel like I can be that person in someone else's life. Having people there for me in this way has been so incredibly important in my life as well as my relationship with Jesus, and because of SICM, I know I can go out and be a friend to someone in the same way.


SICM was a week that represents what I would wish everyday life could look like. There was worship and constant community shared with a family of believers, lessons that take active listening and thought, and opportunities to go out and evangelize and apply what you've been learning right away. This is what our lives should consist of all the time!

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