Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Matt's July Update

Denton Staff Retreat

This past weekend I was able to take the Denton staff team to my parents house for a mini retreat. The primary purpose was to grow closer in our relationships with one another in addition to having some extended times for planning the year and worshiping God together. It was great! I'm so thankful for my parents opening their home to us, serving us all weekend, and engaging with my friends/coworkers. We were all blessed through that experience and I'm excited to spend the next year working alongside these people:

From left: Cody, Kelly, Aaron, myself, Miriam, Sarah

Student Leadership Selection

Many of our student leaders from last year have graduated so about half of our upcoming team will be new! That's one hard part of doing college ministry: consistently losing students that you have developed deep relationships with. Then starting over again with developing fresh leaders. All of this is really a tremendous blessing though because our alumni often stay involved in the FOCUS community and in turn are financial supporters. And training new Christian leaders is our calling to impact the world in the years to come!

2014-15 UNT/TWU Corefa Team

This process always requires a lot of effort from the staff, but it's well worth it in the end. We talk through several aspects of discipleship to get a sense of where each student is at. None of this is necessarily to determine their "qualifications" but rather to understand how to better pastor each individual leader. Despite the extra time this requires, it allows us to develop a higher quality team for the coming year. Pray for God's guidance in our efforts to select student leaders. We want to choose His leaders!


As many of you know, summer is a time of fundraising for us. I'm having to recoup some lost support from the past year, so I'm reaching out to new ministry partners. Please be praying for me in this area!

New Website

It's officially been launched! When you get a chance, check it out for yourself: anyfocus.org

Please pray for:

  • The Lord's guidance in student leadership selection
  • Staff/intern fundraising
  • Plans for start of school year (reaching out to new students, prepping student leaders, etc.)
  • Internship beginning in August

Thank you so much for your investment and concern in the work God is doing through our ministry!

Yours for the Campus,


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