February '23 Update

 A Prayer     God, you are very good. Thank you for being a God worthy of praise. Continue to give us eyes to see your goodness, ears to hear your word, and hearts to love those around us well. Above all, have grace and be patient with us as we strive to look more like your Son.     We love you, God, and we know you love us! Amen. A Word of Thanks     As always, thank you never goes without saying. Thank you so much for everything you do! For your financial support that allows me the time and flexibility to do what I get to do. For your prayer that doesn't go unheard. And thank you for being someone in my life that believes in me and believes in what CTF is trying to do in Wylie and for believing that we serve a very good God.      A few of our Sophomores CTF      Our ministry continues to be such an immense source of encouragement for me. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the axiom "You win people to what you win people with". I'm honestly not sure I

January 2023 Update

 New Year, Same Blog     2023 is off to a great start! There is SO much to update you all on and even more to be thankful for. But, per usual I'd like to begin this blog with prayer...     God, thank you so much! I don't deserve the good gifts you continually give to me. I thank you for the close friends who consistently point me back to your son. For the mentors who pour into me and challenge and trust me. For my marriage to Sam and how sweet and beautiful a gift that has been. For the countless ways you are moving and acting in the lives of the students I get to work with. You are a good God worthy of praise. You are a relational God that knows and sees us intimately. You are a loving God and a good Father. In Jesus name, Amen! A Word of Thanks...     Thank you supporters! You are the lifeblood that keeps the wildebeest that is my ministry chewing its cud slowly but surely. None of what I get to do would be possible if you weren't partnering with me in this. So as you rea

October 2022 Update

 It's Been a While... A Word of Thanks Thank you never goes without saying. You are reading this blog because you have either offered financial support, have offered your prayer, or both. You are the reason I get to do what I do. You are the reason I can spend the majority of my time meeting with and ministering to teens here in Wylie. Along with you all, I am thankful to God. He has been so incredibly faithful and I have no reason to believe he won't continue to be. The work He is doing in the hearts and minds of our students is apparent and very encouraging. And our ministry at large is the healthiest it's been since I have been working here. God is a very very good God. God, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for being a good God. Thank you for being a God worthy of praise, a God worth emulating. Thank you for being an invitational and relational God and for working so beautifully and wonderfully through our relationships with one another. I love you God and I know y
 A Word of Thanks God, you are unwaveringly good. I pray that as you continue to bless me I will in turn be able to bless those around me. God, no one can outgive you. I thank you (though admittedly not enough as I should) for the good gifts you pour into my own life and for the gifts I see you giving others each and every day. And if you never give me another good thing for the rest of my life, God you have already given me too much. I love you and I know you love me. Amen. As for my supporters, I know I say this often but truth is truth is truth and it's worth repeating: you are just one example of the physical blessings God sees fit to give me every day. Any learning I've been doing, any student I study the Bible with, and any purchase I make I do so with the humility and the thankfulness and the confession that, in this season of life, I can only do those things because of you all. I thank God every time I think of you, and I think of you every time I thank God. A Word of A
A Word of Thanks As always, thank you never goes without saying. So I'd like to begin this blog with a prayer of thankfulness: God, you are so incredibly good. Thank you for being a God worthy of praise, for being a God that sees and knows us intimately, for pursuing us. Thank you for pursuing me, my heart and my mind. Thank you for pursuing all of us. Thank you for the opportunities you've placed in front of me this year and that you will put in front of me this next semester. Thank you for all of the people in my life who have decided to partner with me this year and support me in my ministry, either financially or with their prayers and advice. You have truly blessed me so that I, in turn, may try and bless others around me. You are so good and so faithful and I am thankful every day for you. Amen. Now, for all my supporters, I feel like a broken record but I mean truth is truth is truth and it's worth repeating: this year, and all I've experienced and learned, would
 A Word of Thanks Per usual, I would like to begin this months blog with another prayer of thanks to God as well as a brief letter of thanks to all of you. God, I am consistently left in awe of you. Words truly escape me when it comes to how good you are. Thank you for being a God who is worthy of our praise and adoration. Thank you for being a relational God and for making us relational beings. Thank you for sending your son so that we may find life and have it to the full. Thank you Christ for being our Lord and savior. Thank you Spirit for your consistent presence and activity in and through my life and the life of my brothers and sisters in the faith. Continue to guide and teach my, o God, and continue to bless me so that I may in turn bless others. Amen. Another month in the books! Another month of learning and serving made possible by you all. Thank you never goes without saying and I want to once again say just that; THANK YOU!! I know I've said it before, but what I am doin
A Word of Thanks... I truly believe that thank you never goes without saying, so I would like to begin this months blog with a prayer of thankfulness to God and by showing my sincere gratefulness and appreciation to all members of my prayer and financial support teams: God, you are far too good to us. Thank you so much for being a God worthy of our praise. Thank you Jesus for being a savior and king worthy of emulation. Thank you Spirit for being a constant source of encouragement and guidance, for challenging when necessary and affirming when needed most. Thank you for equipping me to meet and serve the young men and women in my immediate ministry. Thank you for giving me an entire team of fellow students and apprentices so that I have people to learn and to grow with. Thank you for any and everybody who has decided to join me in my ministry by financially supporting me, and thank you for all who have asked me questions and prayed prayers on my behalf and on behalf of the teens who ha