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January 2023 Update

 New Year, Same Blog     2023 is off to a great start! There is SO much to update you all on and even more to be thankful for. But, per usual I'd like to begin this blog with prayer...     God, thank you so much! I don't deserve the good gifts you continually give to me. I thank you for the close friends who consistently point me back to your son. For the mentors who pour into me and challenge and trust me. For my marriage to Sam and how sweet and beautiful a gift that has been. For the countless ways you are moving and acting in the lives of the students I get to work with. You are a good God worthy of praise. You are a relational God that knows and sees us intimately. You are a loving God and a good Father. In Jesus name, Amen! A Word of Thanks...     Thank you supporters! You are the lifeblood that keeps the wildebeest that is my ministry chewing its cud slowly but surely. None of what I get to do would be possible if you weren't partnering with me in this. So as you rea