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 A Word of Thanks God, you are unwaveringly good. I pray that as you continue to bless me I will in turn be able to bless those around me. God, no one can outgive you. I thank you (though admittedly not enough as I should) for the good gifts you pour into my own life and for the gifts I see you giving others each and every day. And if you never give me another good thing for the rest of my life, God you have already given me too much. I love you and I know you love me. Amen. As for my supporters, I know I say this often but truth is truth is truth and it's worth repeating: you are just one example of the physical blessings God sees fit to give me every day. Any learning I've been doing, any student I study the Bible with, and any purchase I make I do so with the humility and the thankfulness and the confession that, in this season of life, I can only do those things because of you all. I thank God every time I think of you, and I think of you every time I thank God. A Word of A