Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Update

Our staff retreat this past weekend went very well.  We were able to meet in the house of one of our elders from the Northeast Church (they are the largest supporter of our ministry).  One of the best things about it is we all get to spend some quality time together and purposefully learn more about each other since we added three brand new staff and four interns to our team.  That was accomplished through playing board games, discussing various ministry topics, answering personal questions about ourselves, and simply relaxing together.  We also took some time to talk about each campus' outreach plan for the beginning of school and a few different events to prepare our student leaders for the year.

Our outreach plan for UNT (University of North Texas) is to attend several of the events that the school puts on each year during the first week before school starts.  This is a really exciting time of the year!  The university plans these events primarily for new students to make friends and get involved with student organizations.  Our ministry always spends time strategically planning how the student leaders can utilize these events to develop new friendships with others before they are bogged down by a lot of commitments once school starts.

We have a student leader retreat planned for August 18 & 19th to prepare the students for that week of events.  Again, we are very blessed to be able to meet at one of the large houses here in Denton that several of our student leaders live in.  During that time we will give them some goals and advice to help them stay focused on the mission.  On top of that we will use this retreat, just as we did the staff retreat, to help build the relationships within our team.  This is actually really important this year since all of the staff will be new at UNT and so are many of our student leaders.  You should be able to see Amy (our other campus pastor) and Melissa (our intern) on the page soon.

So I have a few things to ask you to specifically pray for:
- God to lead Amy, Melissa, and I as we lead the students.  Pray that we will be able to develop close relationships with the student leaders this year and work well to lead the ministry through them.
- The student leaders to be mission-minded as they start out the year and utilize this time to make several new friendships for the kingdom.  Pray also that we will all work hard to maintain these new relationships and show them what true relationship looks like.  That's how they will see God in us.
- My transition into this new role.  I'm still a bit nervous, but I know that God will use me in it as long as I am faithful to Him.  Pray that I will have a servant's heart.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it.  I cherish the notes and comments that I receive from you.  None of what I do could be possible without you.  May God bless you.

Yours for the Campus,


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Upcoming Staff Retreat

We are going to delay our blog posts until August 6th since we will be having a staff retreat this weekend.  This is our time to spend a few entire days together in fellowship and prepare for the year of ministry on each of our campuses so please be in prayer that God will guide us in that time.  Thank you!