Thursday, June 19, 2014

SICM Testimonials!

I wanted to share a few of the SICM experiences with you in hopes that it blesses and encourages you. God is going to use these students to make a noticeable impact on the world!


SICM was such an incredible experience all around. The relationships I built there are so deep and it is encouraging to see how much God is doing in each of our lives. One thing that stuck out to me was the fact that the Kingdom movement is so much bigger than I can possibly comprehend. God has graciously invited us into this grand plan and it is so easy to get caught up in the "it's between me and God" mindset. God wants a relationship with us all, but he also calls us to spread His glory everywhere we go. SICM was a great reminder that our lives are about so much more than ourselves and that we are part of the biggest movement to ever sweep across this earth. God's plans are pretty wonderful.


Going to SICM taught me that asking the right questions can be very beneficial to making disciples. Asking good questions in a small group setting or in contact evangelism can help you to guide others to a significant truth. This is important to the disciple-making process because you are not actually telling people what to believe, instead you are challenging them to think, and leading them to find spiritual truths.


SICM has changed my life! It was truly a gift from above to be able to attend SICM and it was fantastic to get to worship and learn about the Lord with some of my brothers and sisters in Christ! I finally learned how to accept the Lord's  unconditional love and how to pour out that same type of love into small group members. I truly realized we are called to a much higher purpose than blindly walking through life immersed in Earthly things. Through SICM God equipped me to be a light everywhere I go and by His grace we can all be Christ's disciples by living to lead others to Him. I thank God I was able to go to SICM!


From my experience at SICM, I learned of the power of our actions as Christians through God's will. Through the tools we have been given, we can minister and develop closely knit bonds with those who have not yet become a part of this glorious Kingdom. These opportunities are present in class, small groups, or really any given period. We do not have to set a time for discipleship. In my mind, that unfolds a future full of heartfelt joy and life changing scenarios, and I wouldn't want a future any other way than that.


Historically, I've been a person who values solitude over fellowship. The Lord had graciously poured so much love into me, and my response was to keep that love locked inside. I couldn't build God's kingdom the way that I've been called to because I didn't know how to love people well. When the week of SICM had come to an end, I found myself wishing that I was always around people who love Jesus. God used that week to teach me the importance of community, of loving the people that He created, of pouring myself out for His children. He showed me what Acts 2:42-47 looks like. He doesn't love simply so that we can feel loved, although that's a part of it. He loves us so that we can love others.


One of the most influential lessons I took from SICM is the importance of not focusing too much on the church. While the church is important, it seems like congregations tend to focus too much on their members and how to keep up attendance, and lose sight of the fact that people outside of the church are just as important if not more. It's also my understanding that his can pertain to more than just evangelizing, it can include community service programs that could benefit our society as a whole, and often this goes hand-in-hand with spreading the word about God. This idea reminds me that Christians are expected to lead Christ-like lives, showing Gods love through actions as well as faith, which ideally would be evenly balanced.