Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September Update

The past few weeks have been difficult, but the Lord has been working! Our students have been so on top of meeting new people, inviting them into their circles of friendship, and letting them see the love we have for one another. I've been encouraged by how welcomed our new members and visitors seem to feel in our ministry already.

Corefa Prep

This was such an encouraging time to hear how excited the students were to go out and meet others on the UNT and TWU campuses. Most of the weekend was spent in group discussion/encouragement prepping for the past few weeks of outreach. Each year I'm just more and more impressed with the hearts of these young disciples. It's inspiring!

Welcome Weeks

These are probably the longest few weeks of our year. There's no other time that I use all my spare time for napping to recuperate! Again I'm very proud of our student leaders (and even the other members in our community) who sacrificed their time for the Kingdom. These weeks are critical for reaching as many as possible. What we tell our leaders is they can do anything for two weeks if they put their minds to it. They took that seriously. Here are some pictures from after one of our outdoor athletic events (capture the flag). The event started around 10pm and this is around midnight on a weekday! There were probably still 100 or so people just talking to each other. How cool is that?

Corefa Retreat

While "Corefa Prep" is geared toward preparing the student leaders for the couple of Welcome Weeks, Corefa Retreat is designed to prepare them for starting their Core groups and 1 on 1 Bible studies. We also use this retreat as a time to have some heart-level activities to minister to them rather than simply dump a lot of information on them.
These are most of the student leaders from all of our campuses!
Devotional stations at the retreat.

Friday Night Fellowship

Our large group meetings on Friday nights have been great. I usually get nervous as summer ends because I haven't talked in front of so many people in a while, but my transition has been much smoother this year. Our theme this year is Words of Life, which is intended to push two different values: 1) a disciplined reading of God's word at the individual level and 2) stronger devotion to pursuing a real relationship with God. The first week was an introduction to the theme, highlighting the goals and giving them very specific challenges for the week to get more involved in scripture and relating with God depending on where they were at personally in those areas. This past Friday I talked about the authority of scripture. I made the assertion that perhaps the Bible more accurately points to God's authority by revealing His truth rather than having authority itself. We see God's authority by what we learn about Him in the Bible. Then through obedience to the Lord and a relationship with Him we experience His authority first hand!
FNF Kickoff
This Past FNF
Please feel free to come check out our Friday night service anytime! We meet weekly at 7:30pm in the Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) room 255 on the UNT campus. You can call, text, email me for directions as well.

Additionally, you are welcome to attend the church that supports us, the Denton North Church. Their meetings are on Sundays at 10:45am in the MLK Jr. Rec. Center in Denton.

Please be in prayer especially for the following things:
- cores starting
- strong relationships developed all across our ministry
- stress on students and staff

Thank you, thank you thank you for your commitment to campus ministry. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by many Godly people who believe in the work being done on the college campuses. May the Lord continue to bless you richly.

Yours for the Campus,