Sunday, May 8, 2016

Matt Clark's May Update

The beginning and end of each school year seem to be the busiest seasons in college ministry. What's interesting about the end of the year is how abrupt everything is just...over. There is so much build up with several events (from our family of churches and FOCUS together) and then in early May everything is done. We had our last official meeting on May 1st, which was our formal event to celebrate everything God has done for, through, and in our community this year. We had a blast :)

At our Spring Formal - Some of the guys I mentored this year!
(From left: Jason, Sergio, Bradley, me, Pedro)
We also had a few hangouts during the week to make sure we got as much time as possible together. One of those was just with our leader team. We spent some time writing encouraging notes to one another. Personally, I really enjoyed the group we had this year - they are so great! I'm so excited for those of them who are graduating and moving into the working world, but I'm also glad we get to keep those who are staying around another year or two. God has blessed us with some really neat kids!

2015-2016 Student Leader Team (Corefas)

While everything is over, it's not over for long! Our SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) trip is fast approaching! The group starts flying out to Seattle this Thursday and we get back to Dallas on the 21st. To remind you of what this is about: we take our potential student leaders for the following school year to this week-long conference as an opportunity for them to learn about discipling their peers. Please be praying for our group to be safe and open to the Lord's guidance. Our hope is for every student to come back equipped to minister other students on their campuses, and then take that experience with them after graduation into all parts of the world!

Another thing to be praying for is our new group of apprentices! You can see who they are and their campus assignments in the image below. And a fun fact: 5 of the 7 apprentices are UNT graduates! That is so encouraging to my staff and me!

Thanks for reading and staying updated on what we're doing on the Denton campuses! I apologize if you have been waiting for my update (apparently 44 of you checked on Friday!). This weekend we hosted a wedding at my house for a close friend so I have been a little delayed from a few normal tasks! At the same time I appreciate everything you do to aid me in doing God's work with college students in Denton. Without you, this would not be possible. Please keep me and my team in your prayers and don't hesitate to ask me for prayer as well!

One last thing: If there's anything you would like me to include in my updates that I don't already, please let me know! Or even if you just want to hear more about something and less about something else. Any feedback will be appreciated! You can either reply to my email or add a comment at the bottom of the post (you can even post anonymous comments). Thank you!

Yours for the Campus,