Sunday, July 10, 2016

Matt Clark's July Update

I would like to start this post with a prayer request and a special request of you. Our new apprentices and staff have less than one month to finish their fundraising for this year of ministry. Will you take a moment right now to pray that the Lord would provide the necessary funds for each one of them?

The gifts that we receive from our generous donors are a big deal. I wish I could fully express to you all of the various ways they create opportunities for lives to be changed. The most consistent change I see personally is through students on our leader team. This is largely due to their openness to God working in their lives (momentum from the previous year) and the consistent exposure they have to the staff team. That being said, I'm thrilled to inform you that we are nearly done with determining our student leader team for the coming school year! After much prayer, one-on-one conversation, and deliberation this should be finalized during the coming week...and we are looking at about 60 students! Let me tell you though: I'm very excited about each one of these students - God has blessed us tremendously. They are young men and women who are passionate about reaching out to their peers and willing to make a sizable commitment for the next year. I am really looking forward to working with them!

Please be praying for the Lord to prepare these student leaders for the first few weeks of school. This initial period of the school year is a crucial outreach opportunity because the friendships made early on will often direct how people spend the rest of their year. In mid August and early September we will be spending several hours, on three different days, equipping our leader team for making the most of these opportunities. Pray that each one of our students and staff is filled with His Spirit as we go out to reach the campus during those weeks. As we get closer, I'll try to keep you posted on specific times that would be helpful for you to be praying!

As many of you know, I will be getting married in just a couple of weeks (more on this below)! Considering this I am hoping to raise my support by $500/month to help with moving into this new phase of life, as well as moving toward long-term sustainability in college ministry. While I have already been able to raise part of this goal from generous friends (thank you so much!), some of my current donors have had to cut back due to their own financial responsibilities. Here are some specific ways that you can help:
  1. If you are currently a financial partner, please consider helping in one of two ways:
    • Would you recruit one friend or family member to join our mission by becoming a financial partner?
    • Could you increase your current financial support by 5-10%?
  2. If you are not currently a financial partner, will you consider joining my support team with a monthly or special gift? Becoming a donor is easy! Just go to and click on “Donate” for options on how to give. If you would like to talk more about this, please feel free to reach out to me.
Regardless of whether you can or can't help, thank you so much for your prayers, financial support, and consistent love of college students.

Now I want to make sure that I mention that you are invited to my wedding, although there is no obligation. It's at 2pm on July 23rd at the Northeast Church building in Garland, TX. You can see all of the details and RSVP on our website, If you plan to attend, please RSVP very soon so we can plan accordingly. We hope to see you there! Please also be praying for us as we make final preparations!

Again, thank you so much for all you do. I simply could not do what I do on the college campuses in Denton without the support structure of people like you. I am truly blessed to have so many co-laborers in the Kingdom to serve alongside.

Yours for the Campus,


The Denton Team: Aaron, Miriam, Danielle, me, Brittany, & Cody