Monday, April 3, 2017

Matt's April Update!

Spring just began but it's hard to believe that it isn't Summer already. Soon enough school will be out for the Summer break, though. The last day of classes at UNT this semester is on May 4th, with finals happening over the following week. The last big group meeting we'll have with the Denton ministry is on April 30th. In one month we'll have wrapped up another school year.

Spring Student Impact (SSI) week

These are the students (with my staff) from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA who visited us last week during their Spring Break to do outreach on the college campuses in Denton.

Each day during SSI week we took the Washington students up to our Denton campuses to reach out with our students to whoever was willing to talk. Some questions we discussed with people throughout the week (see photo above) were, "Christian's, how can we best represent Jesus to our world?" and, "What would you like to see Christians do differently?" The goal was to engage people with humility in discussing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences regarding Christianity. But we didn't want to neglect having meaningful conversation with Christians so we had a question each day that was geared toward helping our brothers and sisters in Jesus reflect on their own portrayal of Him to those around them. Below you can see a snapshot of what this looked like. There were many times that we had so many little conversations going on that we had to move people off of the walkway so others could still pass through to get to class!


SICM stands for the Student Institute of Campus Ministry. I've talked about it many times before, but if you haven't heard of it, I just want to say that it's the most impactful trip that we take students on. SICM is a week-long conference for training college students how to minister to their peers. Much of what we do in FOCUS has been learned from Campus Christian Fellowship at Western Washington University (yep, that's the same ministry that our SSI students visited from!), who hosts the conference. They have been doing college ministry for over 40 years now.

We have just over 90 students from all of our campuses registered to attend SICM this year. That is so exciting to think about this many students showing potential to lead in our communities. Please be in prayer for them as they raise the money to cover their trip costs, prepare mentally and spiritually for the intense week of learning, and that God will use that week to reveal to them His vision of our world being made new.

Students in a class at SICM last year

Spring Showcase

The Showcase, in case you haven't heard before, is a fundraiser we put on annually to help our potential new leaders go to SICM. I'm sure you can imagine sending 90 students plus staff to Washington state isn't cheap. We believe the cost is worth every penny so we host a big concert showcasing many of the talented performers from our community. Even just as a concert, it's an amazing experience because of how many talented people perform! I'm not sure how much money we raised, but take a look at how many people we had in attendance!

Audience at the 2017 Spring Showcase

Thank you for everything you do to support the good work that God is doing here on college campuses in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. Your prayers, money, and time are making a tremendous difference in countless lives by reconciling young men and women to our Lord. Thank you!

Yours for the Campus,
- Matt

Monthly Student Testimony

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