Saturday, May 6, 2017

Matt's May Update

As the school year closes, there's always a lot going on. The last few weeks were especially packed full of events to celebrate and remember the year, raise funds for summer ministry efforts (like SICM), and prepare the students for using their time off effectively. In addition to all of that my Grandmother passed away. It's sad to know that she's gone, but my family was very encouraged by everyone who came to celebrate her life with us this past weekend.

Last night was our final big group meeting of the year. Since we aren't able to meet on campus during finals, we moved over to a nearby park for acoustic songs, encouragements, and fellowship together. I was deeply touched to see all of these young men and women out there praising God on a Friday evening, especially the last day before finals week begins. It was a beautiful way to end the year:

Spring Formal

This past Sunday we had our last big event of the year - Spring Formal. It's essentially a party to reflect on what God has done in our community and celebrate how good He is.

Alex & Mitchell, two students I mentored this year.

Danielle and me with several of our TWU student leaders.

Here's a video that one of our students made to help the community reflect on the year:

Leaving for SICM!

Next week on Thursday we will be leaving for Washington state to go to the SICM conference (we'll be gone May 11-20th). To refresh your memory, this is designed to equip leaders to effectively minister on college campuses. CCF, the ministry hosting this conference, has been doing college ministry for nearly 50 years now! We are honored to be able to learn from their experience. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel and especially for tons of growth for our potential student leaders. Pray also that the Spirit gives us discernment on who we need to invite into leadership next school year. I'll be posting some pictures from the trip in my next update!

I'll be staying up in the Northwest another week to attend a theology class at Regent College right after SICM. Please pray that God uses that to reveal truth and wisdom to me and blesses my ministry through it.

Also here's another picture of some guys I mentored this year. Bradley, on the left, is graduating this year and going off to medical school in Lubbock. I'm going to miss him so much!

Bradley & Ben after our last 1-on-2 meeting

Thank you so much for your support this year! God has done a lot through your faithfulness to invest in His Kingdom. Please continue to pray for our community over the summer as many of the students are away from their only spiritual community now. Also please pray for our staff and incoming apprentices as we use this time to raise funds for another year of ministry as well as plan for the following year.

Yours for the Campus,


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